Response to Russell Brand

Jeremy Paxman and Russell Brand

Jeremy Paxman and Russell Brand

An article I wrote for my university’s student publication about why I disagree with Russell Brand and his so-called “revolution”

Interview with Nigel Farage, MEP and leader of Ukip

Nigel Farage, MEP and leader of Ukip

Nigel Farage, MEP and leader of Ukip

My interview with Nigel Farage on 3/10/2013. The full 40min video and shorter 20min version can be watched here. I spoke to Farage about EU withdrawal, immigration, same-sex marriage, Ukip’s plans for income tax and Ukip’s incendiary rhetoric.

Naked Calendars: Feminist Response

A moderate, feminist response to all-women naked calendars. 17/10/2013

Feminist Guide to Freshers’ Week

I need feminism because leeds

Guide on how to avoid the sweat, sleaze and sexism of freshers’ week. 20/9/2013

University Societies

two people fencing

Piece about which university societies to join. 17/9/2013

RAG societies and the National RAG Awards

National Rag Awards 2013

National Rag Awards 2013

Article about university raising and giving societies and a recent awards ceremony to celebrate them. 5/9/2013

Edward Snowden Timeline


Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden

Very useful article I was asked to help out with. Detailed timeline of Edward Snowden’s movements and activities that gives a great overview of the whole affair. 21/08/2013

Home Office’s “Go Home” Campaign

Immigration minister Mark Harper

Immigration minister Mark Harper

Article I co-wrote with Matthew Taylor and Rajeev Syal about the Home Office’s terrible “go home or stay and face arrest” vans. The article includes extracts from my interview with Diane Abbott MP on the subject.  26/7/2013

Global Reactions to the Royal Baby


welcome baby cambridge sand sculpture

Piece about how various countries responded to news of the royal birth 26/07/2013

Syrian Refugee Crisis: Books For Syria

Far From Home


An interview I did with Samah Zaitoun, an author writing books for Syrian refugee children as part of the Guardian’s focus on the Syrian refugee crisis. 25/07/2013


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